Ayesha Curry, a onetime actress and famed cookbook writer and diner proprietor, is a well-known Bay Area favorite.

As the emcee of “Ayesha’s Homemade” on The Food Network, the author of “The Seasoned Life, ” and one of the traitors behind International Smoke, she’s a pretty busy woman.

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She too happens to be married to basketball musician Steph Curry. The powerhouse couple lead very public lives, and Ayesha has become increasingly prudent about what she says and when. But she didn’t shy away from involving with musician Kehlani after a recent Titter shoutout.

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Kehlani, a lesbian musician, thanked Curry on Twitter for using the word “humans” to name the bathrooms in her restaurant instead of separating them by gender.

Curry’s response? She did it herself.

In a tweet that’s now been liked more than 14,000 eras, Curry told Kehlani that she gave those signals up herself, showing that Curry understands the importance of inclusion in public rooms .

Curry’s activities may seem plainly regular in the predominantly progressive arena where she lives, but held her self-identification as a holy Christian, her activities actually speak to an important fact.

Curry makes it clear that being religious and being inclusive aren’t mutually exclusive.

In spite of common hyperbole claiming that Christians aren’t progressive and consent of diverse identities, or the reverse — that Christians can’t attain gap for the fluidity of gender issues and sexual name — Curry testifies you can in fact be both religion and tolerant.

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Curry is not alone: She joins a number of self-proclaimed religious people who are becoming more professing in public . Magic Johnson often attends church and has been accepting and proving of his son EJ’s sexuality; Stephen Colbert, a devout Catholic, has consistently stood up for gay privileges; and even some things the pope has said has indicated a change in how Christians examine wedding equality.

These lessons summarize a nice basic truth: It’s thoroughly probable to be a person of sect and likewise be accepting of homosexual parties. It’s actually that simple.

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