The Los Angeles Lakers apparently questioned second-year stellars Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma to “tone down” their social media antics following a rap move Ball exhausted about Kuzma earlier this week.

There are no lingering editions between Ball and Kuzma and both players agreed to tone down the bake that has set social media alight over the last couple weeks, ESPN reported Thursday.

Throughout the season, Ball and Kuzma were among the young Lakers players who continually went back and forth at each other on Twitter and Instagram.

However, Ball liberated a rap track speak about Kuzma’s biological father earlier the coming week responding to Kuzma’s parodies at a Bleacher Report event. The Lakers brass appeared to believe that swept a boundary.

Kuzma addressed the social media squares offs in an interview with ESPN back in February.

“All that are important is if you can clap back, ” Kuzma read of Ball. “That’s why you understand he stopped get at me. Because he knows.”

The Lakers were apparently hoping to avoid different situations same to one that emerged in 2016 between Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell. A video saw during the season of Russell entering Young talking about “feel like i m cheating on” his then-fiancee Iggy Azalea.

The scandal devolved and eventually led to the break of Young and Azalea and the commerce of Russell to the Brooklyn Nets. Young too left the team to sign with the Golden State Warriors( and eventually become an NBA champ ).

Ryan Gaydos is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @RyanGaydos.

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