When Snap debuted Spectacles, it took an bizarre road for rationing.

Instead of establishing them readily available in stories, it assigned them via robot vending machine. Not merely that, but the “Snapbots” loomed all over the U.S. seemingly at random, with limited supply.

That may have worked as a marketing stunt, but it didn’t to be translated into massive market expect, and pile of Spectacles sat unsold in depots. With Spectacles 2, Snap appears to be learning from its mistakes and is instead taking a traditionally bred route to get its wearable into the paws of customers.

Starting today, Spectacles will be available for customers in the U.S ., UK, and Canada to purchase from Amazon.

It’s likely a intelligent move. Simply 220,000 of the first-generation wearable cameras were sold, who was allegedly resulted in a $40 million loss for Snap. A wider cyberspace of dispensation seems like a better plan to sell more, and maybe even make a profit. Even better, by selling on Amazon, Snap can provide next-day shipping.

The second generation of Spectacles feature a waterproofed blueprint, a smaller accusing case, and better colorings. Snap did increase the cost very $149.99, up $20 from the first-gen sit. From Amazon, you can get Spectacles in your select of Onyx Moonlight, Sapphire Twilight, or Ruby Daybreak.

Snap certainly appears to be forecasting demand better this time around. If you’ve been waiting to get a duet , now are likely to be the time. You can see our review of the second largest contemporary Snap Spectacles here .

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