Two years after he frayed with a person in Cleveland, Justin Bieber is getting hit again — with a prosecution!

Rodney Tobias Cannon filed the clothing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, claiming he was introduced to the hotshot at the Westin Hotel in June 2016 after Game 3 of the NBA Finals when Bieber “suddenly became irate” after Cannon took a photo of him.

The suit alleges that after the picture was made, the singer started “aggressively peril harm to Plaintiff if the photograph was not deleted” — threats, he claims, “included the use of racial epithets.”

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The Cleveland-native tried to walk away from the situation but Bieber supposedly grabbed his shirt, the suit claims, “at which time Defendant Bieber then affected Plaintiff Cannon with his fist, establishing dangerous contact with Plaintiff’s face, brain and body.”

Cannon, a 6’5 gentleman, was readily be permitted to subjugate the lithe vocalist — but that’s when the fray broke out, and Cannon says he was “struck in the back of the head” by an nameless defendant he thinks is part of Bieber’s protection team.

Bieber’s opponent assertions he briefly lost consciousness during the course of its riot and has “sustained hurts to his look, manager and back” which have caused “great mental, physical and fearful ache and suffering.” He is searching unidentified damages.

The Canadian crooner’s manager Scooter Braun announced Cannon’s affirms “completely false and a fabrication from a lover who tried to push for money for the last several years.”

Braun too revoked JB said anything racist, telling TMZ he’s outraged the plaintiff is drawing scoot into the situation. He added 😛 TAGEND

“This is a smear trick to get money and it’s gross … and we won’t be scared or blackmailed.”

Well then. Fight on.

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