You possibly retained the fad that the Titanic film started. BTAG 1 TTBTAG 2 TT If you don’t remember it, the fact that — 20 years later — the movie is still the second-highest-grossing cinema of all time should clue you into the fact that people were really, really into the movie. BTAG 3 TTBTAG 4 TT We’ve already shared with you some, but there’s so much better out there that a single film couldn’t possibly cover.BTAG 5 TTBTAG 6 TT With that in judgment, there is 18 fascinating details about the vessel whose heartbreaking fib we are only can’t are likely to get enough of.BTAG 7 TTBTAG 8 TT


RTAG 3 TT1. For our first Titanic fact, we have to go quite a modes back.

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RTAG 4 TTBack to before the ship was even build, as a matter of fact.

RTAG 5 TTIn 1898( 14 years before the Titanic sank ), Morgan Robertson wrote a novella titled The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility about a fictional ocean liner that subsides due to a crash with an iceberg. In the book, the vessel is described as being “unsinkable” and doesn’t have enough lifeboats for everyone onboard.

RTAG 6 TTThe affinities are somewhat astonishing. Even downright spooky.

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RTAG 8 TT2. There were a lot of rich and famous people who virtually were on the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage.

HTAG 2 TTvia: ImgurHETAG 2 TT RTAG 9 TTThe Hershey’s chocolate founder Milton S. Hershey had a ticket but did not board the ship.

RTAG 10 TTGuglielmo Marconi — the inventor of the telegraph — had been offered free passage on the Titanic but instead boarded the Lusitania( a ship that likewise sank, although not during Marconi’s pilgrimage ).

RTAG 11 TTJ.P. Morgan was set to have his own private collection and promenade on the ship but canceled at the last minute to remain at a resort in France.

RTAG 12 TTAlfred Gwynne Vanderbilt was one of the richest servicemen in America who too had planned to sail on the Titanic but decided not to for some reason. Unfortunately, Vanderbilt croaked three years later on the Lusitania.

RTAG 13 TTThe American novelist Theodore Dreiser too planned to committee the Titanic but was talked out of his scheme by an English publisher who advised him to take a cheaper boat.

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RTAG 15 TT3. Charles Herbert Lightoller was the second largest policeman aboard the Titanic.

HTAG 3 TTvia: TwitterHETAG 3 TT RTAG 16 TTHe was also the most senior member of the ship’s crew to survive the sinking.

RTAG 17 TTDuring World War II, Lightoller stipulated and voyaged as a volunteer one of the” little carries” that rescued the stranded Allied soldiers at Dunkirk.

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RTAG 19 TT4. Isidor Straus — co-owner of Macy’s — succumbed aboard the Titanic.

HTAG 4 TTvia: GettyHETAG 4 TT RTAG 20 TTHe and his wife Ida were traveling back from a wintertime spent in Europe when the vessel struck the iceberg. Ida refused to leave Isidor and get into a lifeboat. She contributed her maid her coat coat, stating that she would not be needing it. She’s reported as having pronounced,” I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together .”

RTAG 21 TTThey were last learnt on deck together, standing arm-in-arm.

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RTAG 23 TTIn fact, this duo( from the cinema) was meant to represent the Strauses 😛 TAGEND

HTAG 5 TTvia: TwitterHETAG 5 TT RTAG 24 TTIsidor’s body was recovered, been presented to Nova Scotia, and eventually interred in the Straus mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery. Ida’s body, on the other hand, was never find. Her category elected instead to collect sea from the shipwreck place, set it in an urn, and home the urn inside the same mausoleum.

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RTAG 26 TT5. Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic wreckage in 1985 — but that wasn’t exactly what he was hired for.

HTAG 6 TTvia: TwitterHETAG 6 TT RTAG 27 TTBallard had actually been hired by the U.S. government for a top-secret mission to use an underwater robot he’d invented to find two nuclear submarine that sank in the 1960 s.

RTAG 28 TTThe Navy made a deal with him: Find the subs, and then we’ll money an expedition to find the Titanic. And that’s exactly what happened. He received the subs with 12 periods left in his contract with the Navy, then located the Titanic afterward.