Forget the comeback — Shania’s canceled … again!

There’s a exceedingly in depth, loooooong are available in

At the very end of the long part, Twain talks current events and politics, and droops this little nugget on us about her outsider( Canadian) considers on the 2016 American general elections and Donald Trump( below ):

“I would have voted for[ Trump] because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest. Do you demand straight or polite? Not that you shouldn’t be able to have both. If I were voting, I time don’t want bullshit. I would have voted for a feeling that it was translucent. And politics has a reputation of not being that, right.”

Nooooooooooo, Shania! Re-think this immediately !!!

Ugh !!!!

[ Image via Josiah True/ WENN .]

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