Just like you, celebrities find the small things in life difficult.

It’s something that’s highlighted in a series of ads for Google Assistant, exhausted during the course of its Oscars on Monday.

The firstly of the ads boasts John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, trying to deal with the harassing project of sought for a demo on TV, persuasion that you should “make Google do it, ” the ad’s tagline.

Legend actually sings in one of the ads more, albeit about the time it takes for Teigen to find a TV show.

Then here’s NBA star Kevin Durant forgetting to remember his grocery list.

And in maybe the picking of the three, singer Sia’s ruminations as she gets garmented in her elaborated getup.

The campaign comes after a handful of peculiarity edicts Google lately constituted, which include the add-on of location-based remembrances to its smart speakers in the near future.

It symbolizes if you say, “Remind me to get milk from the convenience store, ” it’ll send you a notification to time time that when you swing by the store.

Or for Durant, maybe that’d be, “Remind me to get spinach, taco spice, pepperjack cheese, avocados and crab legs.”

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