In case you missed it, earlier the coming week, dad superstar Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame demonstrated a, uh, questionable portrayal of the national chant at the NBA All-Star game.

To be fair, it’s a very hard hymn to sing, but because this account used to be so … unique, it precipitated abundance of memes and analysi.

But not everyone’s a critic. In information, the singer’s ex-husband and leader of their own children, Josh Duhamel, came to her security on The Ellen Show .

“I think that she are more likely to admit that it’s not her better use, ” Duhamel said, referring to the incident. “But the girl’s crazy talented. She really is.”

In case you were worried about how Fergie’s handling the evaluation, rest assured, she’s doing just fine. Duhamel reassured everyone that Fergie is “resilient as they come.”

Though the couple announced their splitlast die, they continue to support each other–even through the wicked caprices of the internet.

It’s nice to hear that even after that flustering flub and the resulting memes, Fergie’s still full-on Fergalicious.

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