Bill Maher has dissected President Donald Trump’s oft-repeated security that he’s “the least racist person anyone has ever encountered.”

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time, ” the comedian said that if Trump hindered on claiming it was true then he had to explain “why the single most consistent thing in his whole life is he adoration to pick battles with black people.”

“Of all his myriad madness, if I had to pick one order for his tombstone it would be’ Here Lies Donald Trump: Picked Pushes With Black People, ’” quipped Maher.

“Think of the roll, ” he said, before reeling off their lists of people that Trump has attacked over the years.

“Is it just a coincidence that he’s perpetually pissed off at the NBA and NFL but golfers and hockey players never seem to bother him? ” queried Maher, before lightheartedly recommending another group of people that Trump may like to aim his anger at instead.