Dallas Fuel’s Felix “xQc” Lengyel was suspended for using a homophobic insult against another player .

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Two weeks into the Overwatch League, one pro actor has already been suspended and penalty for shedding a homophobic insult at an openly lesbian opponent.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel of the Dallas Fuel was suspended by the Overwatch League and his own crew Friday after reviling Houston Outlaws player Austin “Muma” Wilmot during a personal live stream on Twitch. The league’s adjournment is a clear reminding to other participates to stay professional and not be repugnant or else they’ll risk losing out on vital duration playing with their teams.

The Overwatch League postponed Lenyel for four games( two weeks) and penalty him $2,000, and the Dallas Fuel propelled on an additional week of adjournment, which necessitates Lenyel won’t be playing in joins or practising with the Fuel until mid-February. In the meantime, he is free to play and stream Overwatch without his unit and “il give” “additional resources, focus coaching, physical education, and subsistence … to cure him improve as health professionals actor who is reflective of the principles of the Dallas Fuel establishment, his teammates, and of the Overwatch League.”

A spokesperson for the Dallas Fuel said that the expansion on the suspension was decided on because the organization thought it would be best to have more epoch for Lengyel to grow as health professionals and representing the the team.

“The Fuel’s decision to extend the league’s suspension of Felix and make additional resources available to him in the interim has its headquarters in the organization’s notion of how it can best facilitate xQc grow as a professional, ” the spokesperson said. “No one can argue that Felix is fierce and very competitive — on some reasons, to his own impairment. During the time xQc will be suspended from organization parallels, tutors and coaches will work with Felix to help him direct the competitive identity that has made him a great Overwatch musician into achieving the levels of balance, focus and punishment in his life that are increasingly important to his proliferation as a teammate and professional player in this league.”

Lengyel, who was on the bench for Thursday’s game against the Outlaws, was furious about Wilmot abusing his signature utterance “rolled and smoked” in reference to the Fuel after the Outlaws plucked off a 4-0 succes.

Amidst other colored communication, Lengyel said to Wilmot on his series: “Shut your fucking mouth, go back there, suck a solid cock. I represent, you would like it.”

Wilmot, who is openly homosexual, addressed Lengyel’s comment during a personal live stream, saying Lengyel’s “a homophobic bit of debris, ” contributing about himself that “he’ll merely maintain winning.”

Lengyel then apologized to Wilmot on Twitter, and Wilmot accepted the apology.

Behavior like this isn’t brand-new to esports, but it’s rare that a league takes action against a musician like this.

Back in April, an Overwatch pro who emulated with Toronto Esports( before the Overwatch League started) went on a racist harangue on stream, which inspired the team organization to fire him, mostly resolving his esports career before it had a chance to get by the ground.

Before the Overwatch League started, a squad administrator who was involved with the team San Francisco Shock was fired after allegations of sex crime “re coming out” against him.

Overwatch League’s dangling of Lengyel is actually a little bit stricter than other conventional sports organizations based in the United States. This past time, the MLB suspended the Oakland Atheltics’ Matt Joyce for two recreations after he utilized a homophobic insinuation at a love. In late 2016, the NBA took no action against Chicago Bulls player Rajon Rando for using a homophobic insult at a referee, although the Bulls did hang Rando for one game.

“The Overwatch League makes the terms and conditions of player behavior seriously, whether during league frisk or otherwise, and is committed to responding rapidly when contraventions exist, ” the organization said in a statement.

Update: Jan. 22, 2018, 2:27 p.m. EST This tale was updated to include specific comments from a spokesperson for the Dallas Fuel.

Inform: Jan. 22, 2018, 3:08 p.m. EST This story was updated to include a statement from the Overwatch League.

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