Love PlayStation? Love Nike? Perfect, because these are the knocks for you — even if you don’t like basketball.

George Paul, small forward on the Oklahoma City Thunder, is collaborating with Nike and Sony to establish the PG-2 “PlayStation” sneakers, one of the nerdiest, tech-infused sneakers ever established.

Designed by Tony Hardman, the same guide designer behind Paul’s first sneaker, the PG-1, the brand-new sit( in case it wasn’t previously completely obvious) is inspired by a PlayStation 4 and its DualShock 4 controller.

Paul says he wanted to make a PlayStation-themed sneaker because he reflects himself “one of the biggest gamers in the NBA” and he’s made his gaming with him everywhere, since he receives an PlayStation 2 for Christmas as kid.

Dude truly adores his PlayStation and it testifies. You’ll find factors like the controller’s buttons( roundabout, X, square, triangle) embossed in its patent leather and PlayStation-colored shoelace eyelets.

On each sneaker’s tongue, there’s a symbol( one for George Paul and one for PlayStation) that ignites up when you pulp it. Sony says they “illuminate and pulsate off-color like when becoming on the console.” These flares likewise don’t need to be charged up. They’re battery-powered and will last-place about 150 hours. Pretty sweet.

On the back of one of the sneakers, there’s a barcode that proprietors can scan to exchange a special Paul George theme for their PlayStation 4.

It’s a slick collaboration. Basketball sneakers are frequently fairly contentious, but so far it seems like most people dig it 😛 TAGEND

Of course, there’s at the least one person is wondering what the heck is up with in the gaming macrocosm lately 😛 TAGEND

If you’re in the #dopekicks clique, they are able to pick them up on Feb. 10 for $110. Caused the early reaction, they’ll perhaps sell out.

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