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It’s a game that’s been acclaimed for its diverse and inclusive cast of characters, but somehow Overwatch ‘s premiere esports league has launched without a single girl player.

Blizzard’s grandiose new esports tournament Overwatch League kicked off its inaugural season on Wednesday, and not one of the 12 squads has a single female player on its roster. Even worse: One of best available participates in the world, Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon, was forgot explicitly because she’s female.

Before the Overwatch League took over the top tier of Overwatch esports, Korean player Se-yeon played with one of the top teams in the world, ROX Orca. ROX Orca contested in the highest league of competitive Overwatch at the time, APEX, where Se-yeon cemented herself as one of the best Zarya musicians ever.

Teams ratified all their own players and were asked about the lack of females on their listings as well as the specific absence of Se-yeon, Kotaku reported Wednesday. Their pretexts were feeble, to say the least.

Some squads cited conversation hindrance fears in matters related to Se-yeon, which may be valid as communication is a key part to a team’s success. But teams brought up other resists, such as problems with co-ed dwelling, craving a squad that gels together, or outside parties considering the move would be a “PR stunt.”

The one organization that required a squad that dallied well together right off the bat, London Spitfire, ratified an all-Korean roster made up of players that previously toy on different units, so their argue has a pretty big hole in it.

The Houston Outlaws general manager Matt Rodriguez residence the blame for not signing a female musician on the press, who, according to Rodriguez, could call the decision a PR stunt.

“You have to go through all these snags, like if you pick up a actor, is the press gonna call it a PR stunt, or is it because she was the best? ” he said.

A player on the Outlaws, Jake Lyons, told you so might be hard for a female musician like Se-yeon to handle the sort of negative perception that the Outlaws general manager had just drew out of thin air.

“For that even to be the taste, it’d be so terrible to be her, ” he said. “People would always be doubting, always be judging. So it has to be the right person, the claim actor, and those things have to come together at the few moments — which originates it specially hard for women in the place right now.”

Scott Tester of the New York Excelsior mentioned to Kotaku that he would “absolutely” love to have a squad that’s not all-men in the future.

Just not right now, apparently.

Esports have long been blighted with the challenges of the having almost no female image at the highest level, especially in squad activities. Overwatch League had a chance to turn this around by leveling the playing field and allowing crews to adopt best available participates they could find instead of actors wording units by their own volition( which is how more successful crews in young esports start ).

Unfortunately , nothing of the teams wanted to be the first one to signed a woman.

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