For NBA supporters of a certain senility, John Starks will forever be remembered for his demon dunk over the outstretched hands of basketball suns Michael Jordon and Horace Grant in a 1993 playoff game. While Strikings and his Knicks team eventually lost to the Bulls, the toy cemented his position in New York City sports history and covered his meteoric rise from undrafted free agent to basketball legend.

Despite retiring in 2002, Starks doesn’t gape much different than during his playing periods and you are able to often find him at Madison Square Garden on sport nighttimes. While the team is sure to use his clutch three arrows and plucky defensive prowess, he now dishes as a Knicks ambassador and mentor to the current players.

Even although he consider this to be he could sub into to the game if needed, MSG itself gazes quite a bit different than during his job. One major improvement over the last five years has been the food exchanged all over the field. Now supporters have their picking of gourmet saucers.( There’s even a Magnolia Bakery accept that’s currently offering so-called Uknickorn Cupcakes this month to encourage people to vote Knicks sensation Kristaps Porzingis into the 2018 all-star recreation .)” People used to eat out and then come to the game and now they come to the game to chew ,” Starks says.” There’s a massive variety of places to feed now .”

Despite being a self-described foodie, he tries to eat reasonably at the Garden–usually he has a plain burger–since” the older you get, plainly, you have to watch what the hell are you munch. I try to not ingest as much when I used to when I dallied ,” he acknowledges.” Because when I dallied I used to eat whatever I wanted to eat because I burned it off .”

In fact, are about to guard some of the league’s best participates, he would load up on carbs, like a marathoner, three hours before tipoff. But despite the copious extents of pasta and eat, he would often feel thirsty at halftime and would grab some fruit or a rail to obstruct his vigor heights up.

Before a recent play between the Knicks and Spurs, Starks picked some of his favorite recipes discovered all over the stadium.


On game night, the Garden will exchange between 1,400 and 1,600 Daily Burgers. There are four potpourruss, including a cheeseburger with a special bacon onion jam, which is Starks favorite.” I style have a smell for onions from time to age but not when I’m working ,” he says with a giggle. The patty is made from a proprietary harmonize of chuck, thigh and short rib from personality murderer Pat LaFrieda. It’s dished on a flat Portuguese bread roll.


This oversized sandwich is one of the newest additives to the menu and includes five ounces of, you guessed it, New York strip steak and a buttered Italian food rotation. It is surfaced with caramelized crimson onions and a drizzle of steak sauce.


These tikka chicken-inspired tacos are formed with smoked chili and garnished with roasted jalapeno, avocado, salsa, micro cilantro and shaved radishes. The saucer was first introduced at MSG in 2013 and has become a supporter staple.

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