Outspoken basketball dad LaVar Ball was born 20 years after the NBA was founded–which is to say Ball couldn’t have had much to do with the plays organization’s founding.

Yet, a Google search for “NBA Founder” currently makes up a picture of Ball smiling as if he contrived the mixup himself.

Screengrab via Google

Ball is no stranger to appalling pretensions. He formerly said that his son Lonzo was a better musician than Stephen Curry and that he himself could have overcome Michael Jordan in video games of one-on-one. Ball also made headlines when he refused to thank President Donald Trump for helping get his son LiAngelo secreted from a Chinese confinement where he was being held for shoplifting.

But even Ball wouldn’t move thus far as to claim to be the founder of the NBA, so what exactly went wrong?

Google, like most search engines, abuses planneds called ” spiders” to scan web pages and create indexes of keywords. The more often a word sees, the higher the sheet will grade when that command is researched for. Longevity also plays relevant factors, and sheets that have existed longer will tally higher. Probably the most important factor is the number of other pages that associate back to the sheet in question. Each join is like a poll, invoking the page’s tally and moving it up the ranks.

Ball is certainly involved, albeit tangentially, with the NBA. He is the founder of both his own sportswear busines and the JBA, or Junior Basketball Association. That, and his current esteem and infamy, is why he might come up in a search for “NBA Founder.” But the number 1 blot? Something doesn’t add up.

Google has its own confidential algorithm for creating search results, so it’s hard to say what’s going on. The Daily Dot contacted out to the company for clarification and receives an whimsical, though not particularly helpful, response.

” Clearly we fell the bullet ,” a spokesperson said.” We’re taking a timeout to huddle around the issue and expect to backlash soon .”

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