Detroit Pistons player Avery Bradley paid the status of women to keep quiet after she accused him of sexual assault earlier this year, TMZ reported Friday.

The woman — who is a reality TV wizard — says Bradley aggression her this past May after she passed out from imbibing while the two were in Cleveland, Ohio. During this time, Bradley was on the Boston Celtics, who were playing the Gentleman in Cleveland for the Eastern Conference Finals. He was transactions to the Pistons in July 2017.

Bradley’s attorney, Brian Wolf, told TMZ his buyer did nothing wrong, and simply entered into the confidentiality agreement with the woman to “protect the reputation and privacy of Mr. Bradley and his family.” Wolf did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s is asking for comment.

TMZ did not report the final number of the settlement, but said arbitrations ran as high-pitched as $400,000.

Confidentiality accordances are not unusual in situations of alleged unprofessional behavior and abuse, especially in workplaces. After dozens of status of women came forward this year to accuse Harvey Weinstein of unprofessional behavior and assault, countless people spoke out about how such agreements can silence martyrs and enable more misuse.

Others trust a victim should have the right to choose to enter a confidentiality arrangement if such person or persons desires, and say they can help victims get large money awards.

It’s not clear how Bradley’s case grew public, despite his agreement.

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