The National Basketball Association’s annual Christmas games gave some of their most successful overnight ratings in recent record. The league’s five recreations Monday, spread across ESPN, ABC and TNT, averaged a 3.35 overnight rating, up about 20 percent from last year’s Christmas games.

The early evening game on ABC — Oklahoma City 112, Houston 107 — described a 4.1 overnight rating, the league’s highest for a prime-time Christmas game since 2003. In a rematch of last season’s championship, later on the day and including information on ABC, the Golden State Warriors shaped the Cleveland Cavaliers 99 -9 2. The game selected a 5.5 overnight rating, stirring it the fifth-best Christmas game on the network.

The NBA was also up against a duet of National Football League games. Unlike the NBA, which is working hard to fix its situate in Christmas tradition, the NFL merely dallies on Dec. 25 every few years, depending what day of the week it is.

The prime-time NFL game on ESPN, a showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders, reaped a 6.7 overnight rating, down about 9 percent compared against the average Monday Night Football game this year.

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