President Donald Trump’s Twitter tournament may not be as fierce as he likes to think.

On Tuesday, the social media stage divulged the world’s 10 most retweeted and three most “liked” announces of 2017. Trump, who regularly indicates off in front of his 44.1 million admirers by propelling unprovoked affects on his dissidents, is impossible to piece on either list.

To add insult to injury, Trump’s predecessor in the White House, former President Barack Obama orchestrated high in both roundups. Three of Obama’s tweets met the “most retweeted” list and two appeared in the “most liked” category.

Obama’s plea for ethnic equality following white nationalistic violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August was both the “most liked” tweet of its first year, and the second largest most retweeted.

Obama’s Twitter adherents more than double the amount for Trump — as of Monday, the ex-president had 97.6 million.

Some insignificant succour for Trump may be that he was crowned the most tweeted about elected world leader this year. But as various legends have noted, he’s often mentioned in a negative light.

Other tweets to rack up billions of “likes” this year included Ariana Grande’s reaction to the terrorist attack at her May concert in Manchester, England, and NBA star LeBron James’ zinger at Trump over the president’s rescinding — via Twitter — the White House invitation to the league champion Golden State Fighters after some of the team’s actors, including hotshot Stephen Curry, said they wouldn’t be attending.

The Twitter champion of its first year, nonetheless, was Carter Wilkerson — the Nevada teenage whose lighthearted is asking for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets from the Wendy’s fast-food chain disappeared viral. After being shared an fantastic 3.6 million times, it’s now the most retweeted announce ever 😛 TAGEND

The Miss Universe 2017 pageant was the most tweeted-about world video episode, K-pop group BTS made that reputation among fames, and Spanish soccer squad Real Madrid’s #halamadrid was the world’s top sports hashtag.

Game of Thrones” was the most tweeted-about TV show in the U.S ., with Netflix’s “Stranger Things” participate in the accolade for streaming supports. “Wonder Woman” won the award for most tweeted-about movie.

Here are the most retweeted tweets of its first year:





















Here were more “liked” tweets of its first year:







The most tweeted activism hashtags in the U.S .:

1. #Resist

2. #MAGA

3. #ImpeachTrump

4. #TrumpTrain

5. #WomensMarch

6. #NotMyPresident

7. #BlackLivesMatter


9. #TakeAKnee

10. #BoycottNFL

The most tweeted about movies in the U.S .:

1. Wonder Woman

2. La La Land

3. Dunkirk

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming

5. Justice League

6. It

7. Beauty and the Beast

8. Thor: Ragnarok

9. Black Panther

10. Fifty Shades Darker

The most tweeted about Tv shows in the U.S.

1. Game of Thrones

2. Stranger Things

3. Big Brother.

4. 13 Reason Why

5. Saturday Night Live

6. The Walking Dead

7. Grey’s Anatomy

8. The Voice

9. Supernatural

10. Pretty Little Liars

The most tweeted about streaming Tv displays in the U.S .:

1. Stranger Things

2. 13 Rationalization Why

3. Orange is the New Black

4. House of Cards

5. Sense8

6. Narcos

7. The Get Down

8. The Handmaid’s Tale

9. Bojack Horseman

10. Daredevil

The most tweeted about supporter infantries in the world:

1. #lovatics

2. #littlemonsters

3. #harmonizers

4. #beliebers