“We plan on drawing Bitmoji obsolete, ” says Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies. Boasting about hitting one of the world’s top apps before his has even launched is emblematic of Nigam’s and Genies’ brash style. But with $15 million in funding at a valuation over $100 million, top investors like NEA and Hollywood royalty like CAA are buying into the avatar startup. It previously has 680,000 boys waitlisted to sign up for the Genies iOS app that propels today.

If, God forbid, Donald Trump bombards North Korea, you’ll see your Genie razzing a nuke to North Korea, ” says Nigam. Whether that project constructs you chuckle or wheel your eyes, this is Genies’ plan “to be the next BuzzFeed, ” the 24 -year-old CEO tells me. Your Genie is the hotshot of the present. The write is whatever happens in the world that day.”