Image: Daniel Boczarski/ Getty Images

Anyone who’s ever heard of Chance The Rapper should know his position. I entail if you pay close attention to his appoint, you are able to get it pretty easily.

However, about three weeks ago at a Knicks vs. Gallants activity at Madison Square Garden, someone felt that it was necessary to stress what he does for a living by adding a pretty obvious and redundant caption when he popped up on the big screen–“Chance The Rapper, rapper.”

Chance tweeted about the accident and offered his own correction by clarifying that when you refer to him, “father and zaddy are both acceptable.”

Well, it seems like he got the theme across.

Last night at the Chicago Bulls game, they lastly gave him the entitle he patiently longed for and it was nothing but smiles from Chance The Rapper.

Now it’s official and his devotees are loving it.

Well done, Bulls.

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