The two-time NBA champion Ray Allen said he is a martyr of catfishing, and has asked national courts to throw out a case where he is accused of stalking someone he satisfied online

The two-time NBA supporter Ray Allen said he is a scapegoat of catfishing, and has asked national courts to throw out a case where he is accused of stalking someone he met online.

Allen entered situations of emergency action in Orange County, Florida, on Tuesday, one day after Bryant Coleman told the court he is being stalked by the 10 -time All-Star and two-time NBA champion, who acquired entitlements with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Allen said Coleman is the one who is stalking.

” Coleman pretended to be a number of alluring women interested in Ray Allen ,” predicted the motion filed on Allen’s behalf.” Ray believed he was speaking with these women and gave with them .”

Attorney David Oscar Markus released a statement saying Allen made legal action in an effort to put an end to threats against him and his family, and that Allen was the main victims” of an online scheme to extract fund and embarrass him by someone who believe that there is distressed .”

In the filing, Allen said Coleman threatened to reveal details of their exchanges, and that the sides eventually struck a slew to restrain everything private. Allen “re just saying that” cope has been violated and that Coleman has continued to harass him and members of their families through various social media histories.

” He announced about Ray’s wife, Ray’s children, Ray’s dog, Ray’s homes, Ray’s wife’s eatery, and innumerable other personal items ,” predict the motion.” Coleman is not simply affixed about these things, he would actually affix while physically located inside Ray’s wife’s diner in Orlando. And he would make sure they knew it, calling Ray and his wife on those poles .”

Allen asked the court to stop Coleman from” cyber stalking “. It was not clear if Coleman has an advocate, and a working phone number for him could not will find information.

” Ray regrets ever employing with this person online and is indebted they never met in person ,” Markus said.” This experience has negatively impacted Ray, and he hopes that others might use his mistake to learn the dangers of communicating online with strangers .”

Allen is the NBA’s all-time leader in three-pointers represented. He acquired championships with Boston in 2008 and Miami in 2013, the second designation coming after he made one of the most dramatic shots in playoff biography a game-tying three-pointer with 5.2 seconds left in regulation of Game 6 of the finals against San Antonio, video games that the Heat would acquire in overtime to extend the streak to a seventh recreation. Allen likewise frisked for Milwaukee and Seattle, and final was incorporated in the tournament in 2014. He and members of their families have lived in the Miami area since.

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