Authentic sports jerseys are expensive and seldom worn, but that doesn’t stop followers from was intended to own as numerous as possible from all their favorite participates. So why not borrow them?

Meet Rep the Squad– the company is basically Netflix( well, the old-time DVD-version of Netflix) for sports t-shirts. For $20 a month the startup will send you one genuine jersey at a time that you can wear to a game, to the bar or around the house. You keep it as long as you miss, and once you recall it they’ll send you the next one on your list.

The jerseys will always be 100% genuine and authorized by each respective league- intend for NBA jerseys devotees will get the new Nike ones, with a built-in interactive chipping. There’s too a youngster alternative for $17 per month, with smaller versions of the same jersey that adults get. All t-shirts are also professionally cleaned and scrutinized before being re-sent out.

When Rep the Squad propelled the summer months they offered t-shirts from five NFL teams. Today the startup is expanding into the NBA, with the launching of jerseys from the Warriors, Pieces, Pistons and Supersonics- and more to come before the All-Star Game in February.

And while you’d is considered that squads would frown upon Rep the Squad since it potentially takes away from their own retail business, the increase in involvement may be worth as much. Love affection wearing jerseys to competitions and Rep the Squad gives them do that even if it wouldn’t have been affordable the tradition way.

Brandon Schneider, Senior Vice President of the Golden State Warriors showed “Rep The Squad has strong imagination and lead with a distinct opportunity to broaden devotee consumption demeanor. Imparting this sharing economy sit more seriously into the sports space further enhances fan engagement and gets them into the jersey they want.”

Rep the Squad is also announcing an additional$ 1M in seed funding today, to add to the $1.5 M raised when they launched over the summer. This $2.5 M will help them expand into additional tournaments and markets throughout the U.S.

New investors in this continued seed round include Brand Foundry Ventures and ex-NFL actors Marcus Trufant and Lance Moore. They join other current NFL participates like Doug Baldwin and Russell Okung.

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