The Celtics might have defeated the Bucks in Thursday night’s NBA matchup, but the real win was an gathering member who dressed up as Milhouse Van Houten from The Simpsons .

The man wasn’t just boast red-framed glasses, blue hair, and yellow-bellied cheek paint–he was also read a photocopy of Radioactive Man that appeared to be made by hand. On the back submerge: an ad for the Itchy and Scratchy Show . He was perfectly in-character, like Daniel Day-Lewis learning to oblige apparels before frisking a dressmaker.

Viewers seemed to start detecting the cosplayer around 9pm ET, when the camera panned across the public during a break in the game 😛 TAGEND

Congrats to this chap on his career-defining make. That said, there was one complaint.

Which, we all dislike those Shelbyville jerks.

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