Stephen Curry has often been referred to as one of the best and more valuable musicians in the NBA. Currently, he plays for the Golden State Warriors, and what a successful career he has forged for himself as part of the team.

And is not simply is the 29 -year-old NBA player on top form as far as his busines is related, he is also a extremely dedicated family man. He has been married to his beautiful bride Ayesha Alexander since 2011 and they have two elegant children together: Riley, aged seven, and Ryan, aged two. The couple are college sweeties, so it’s fair to say Ayesha knows a fair fleck about her husband. And this includes Steph’s evident foot voodoo. However, he perhaps wasn’t lighting with pride when Ayesha decided to share his very specific perceives with the world. During an impression on The Real , she delved into her husband’s obsession with her hoofs:

“My husband certainly charities my hoofs. And so, like, the light was affecting them just right that day, and so I was like,’ Give me time click this photo and mail him a picture of my paws! ‘”

Steph discoveries his wife’s paws so stimulating that a simple photo of them is enough to get him all hot and bothered:

“So when he supposed to say to’ send nudes, ’ that’s what he’s getting- a picture of my naked feet”

Bearing in mind, this isn’t an accusation from an unknown generator, it has come straight-from-the-shoulder from his wife. Who knows what Ayesha was thinking when she shared these kinky items. Perhaps she’s just one of those oversharing categories, or maybe she used getting back at her husband for something or other. Whatever her motives were, she certainly wasn’t expecting it to lead to Steph receiving saucy pictures of other women’s feet. But that’s exactly what happened. Or at the very least, he got one very special cracking of a duet of feet from none other than Mia Khalifa. It’ genuine- in light of the foot fetish revealing, onetime adult actress Mia Khalifa exceedingly daringly sent a photo of her own feet to Steph’s Twitter account, publication: “S’up @ StephenCurry3 0”. I say “daring”, but borne in mind this is the same girl who rose to prominence after filming an X-rated movie of her having gender in a hijab, so sending a photo of her hoofs to a man who presumably gets off on them is pretty tamed by her guidelines. Conclude it or not, this wasn’t the first time she has tried to grasp the attention of an NBA star on social media. Unfortunately for her, the first time she “made moves” on an NBA player, it was her intention to keep it under wraps. And boy did that miscarry … The NBA player in question, Gilbert Arenas AKA Agent Zero, posted a screenshot of the direct letters she sent to his Instagram account in early October. Plus the former Washington Wizards player performed fun of Mia’s “thirst” for “the D” in the caption. She referred three letters and got a total of zero responded to Gilbert Arenas. Eventually she applies up with the concluding message: “Damn no adoration for the DC fam”. You’d recollect she’d be discouraged from ever writing to an NBA star again, but the former porn hotshot has got a lot of stamina.

As of yet, Steph Curry has avoided from provide comments on Mia’s paws, but here’s hoping he will. The excellent course to get back at his wife for disclosing his peculiar feelings, would be to express interest in the paws of another women, extremely if that maid happened to be Pornhub’s most clickable adult movie star. As it is about to change, Mia is quite the pro at trolling athletes. Check this out:

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