Are there robots secretly infiltrating the NBA? Parties have fears about AI and our inability to fully understand its capabilities, but what if it’s already started its path into plays?

Well, friends, it is very possible that an part basketball crew has been replaced by robots.

Here’s the proof: Reddit user Colvjs uploaded a video of the Phoenix Suns’ entire crew switching guidances and running down special courts in unison.

They don’t miss a shape. It’s mesmerizing and strangely satisfying to watch. And a little extremely perfect.

Sure, this could all has become a co-occurrence but it has happened before. Last time, three Golden state Warrior musicians greeted in excellent unison to an official’s entitle.

I never miss an opportunity to indulge in a ludicrous belief( that’s what the robots crave ), so stay alert, humans.

Image: via Giphy

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