“I’ve went bigly proof! ”
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Revise: Oct. 18, 2017, 12:14 p.m. EDT Updated to include recent statements made by both President Trump and Rep. Wilson, together with Johnson’s mother’s comments to The Washington Post .

After Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson said she overheard grossly indifferent commentaries Donald Trump constituted while speaking to the widow of a solider killed during Niger, “the worlds” awaited a response from the president.

After sleeping on it, Trump woke up early to position the record straight for his Twitter partisans, claiming he has “proof” that Rep. Wilson “totally fabricated” what he said to the spouse of the descended soldier.

In response to Trump’s tweet, Rep. Wilson said she was standing by her note of the announcement “and was not the only one who heard” what the president said.

Trump has a history of unproven contends — from saying Obama’s birth certificate is imitation to accusing him of wiretapping — but the one that immediately comes to mind is his implication that there were tapes of his exchanges with onetime FBI Director James Comey.

When asked in a press conference when the Comey strips “wouldve been” liberated, Trump said, “I’m not intimating anything, I’ll tell you about it over a very short period of time.” It’s been about six months and he has yet to uncover any tapes.

Taking Trump’s history of screaming “proof” but never get around to indicating said proof into account, beings were hungry to criticize him for further pushing such a sensitive issue and wonder where exactly this proof is.

Since that tweet, reporter Brian Karem has written that Trump reportedly did tell the precipitated soldier’s widow “he knew what he signed up for, ” and Johnson’s mother confirmed Rep. Wilson’s account of the phone call to The Washington Post .

At the White House on Wednesday Trump once again repudiated he said what Rep. Wilson accused him of saying to “the woman” and “the wife, ” pushing her to meet her evidence again.

Rep. Wilson washed by her evidence and tweeted Johnson’s widow’s name, Myeshia Johnson, reminding Trump not to simply refer to her as “the woman” or “the wife.”

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