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The New York Yankees made a major investment in esports, the team revealed today. They’re now stakeholders in one of the most well-known North American esports unit constitutions: Echo Fox.

The New York Yankees announced an investment in Vision Esports today, a company that holds stake in three different esports organizations including Echo Fox. Echo Fox, founded by three-time NBA champion Rick Fox, has units participating in League of Legends , Call of Duty , H1Z1 , and a handful of fighting games.

Along with Echo Fox, the Yankees’ move includes investments in Twin Galaxies( a community that logs video game macrocosm registers and player positions, predominantly for old-school arcade competitions) and Vision Entertainment( a company that produces scripted and unscripted esports videos ).

Together with Vision Esports, the Yankees will help manage the behind-the-scenes aspects of these companies, which includes “seeking to maximize income opportunities for marketing, sponsorships, media and programme claims, sell and ticket auctions, listing their entitlements and original content programming for both broadcast and streaming distribution formats.”

It’s same to status with other conventional plays crews who have invested in or outright obtained esports squad establishments, like the Philadelphia 76 ers did with Team Dignitas in 2016. While the teams tend to operate as usual in terms of musician management and their coach-and-fours, the larger usual sports crews help ramp up sponsorships, merchandising, and other ways and means of optimizing revenue.

The extent of the Yankees’ investment was not revealed in the press release.

The Yankees are just another squad in a germinating schedule of usual plays units investing in esports over the past year and a half, which includes owneds and higher-ups at teams like the New England Patriots, the New York Mets, the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors, and a handful of individuals including NBA supporters Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson, current NBA player Jonas Jerebko, and MLB World Series champion Alex Rodriguez.

The New York Yankees are one of the first MLB squads to make a major investment in esports, and given the trend of traditional sports units investing in esports, it wouldn’t be extraordinary to discover more MLB units following in their footsteps.

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